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A message from Kris Conway to all members of Seattle LTC Guild on Long Term Care Insurance Guild!

We had a great presentation on Hospice! Thank you Susan Reynolds from Seattle's Swedish home care.

General details:
Hospice services can be provided almost anywhere: You don't haveto be in a facility.

Hospice Care provides services, from physician and nursing to Grief Counseling and Short term inpatient pain control.

Hospice is an elected benefit through Medicare Part A Individuals must be certified (Determined by Dr.) as having a terminal illness with a prognosis of 6 months.

Coverage periods:
Hospice is available for 2 periodsof 90 days, and unlimited numbers of subsequent 60 days periods.

Benefit Waiver:
Patient elects the Hospice benefts and waives all other rights to Medicare benefits related to the terminal illness

Medicare Advantage and other Manage Care Programs DO NOT have a BASIC Hospice benefit.
Patients may access hospice via regular Medicare. Manage Care Plans must notify insured's of this option.

Centers of Medicare & Medaid Service (CMS) www.cms.hhs.gov/center/hospice.asp

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