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In December 2017, I became aware of a new immediate cash benefit Tax qualified long-term care policy that caught my interest.  Go to www.reliablelivingplan.com and scroll down to a video.  There, you too can learn about this policy that provides TQ Lifetime benefits.

Applicant Eligibility: Age >= 65, already receiving qualifying LTC, not in a hospice setting + other concerns.

Because the eligibility requirements are reversed from the plans I marketed since 1995, I decided to educate some centers of influence in my community.  Getting the word out to people who know individuals or the families of eligible individuals is a slow process.  See if you agree that this plan requires a different marketing approach that concentrates on centers of professional influence; i.e. Estate attorneys, CPAs, Nursing Home administrators, memory care facility intake, homecare agency management.  I invite your comments.

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