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Taking Care Series on PBS News Hour – What happens when families take care of loved ones

The issues around whether you own or do not long term care insurance does not matter until you come to terms with not the product but why it is a beneficial funding source.

We think in thoughts of plans before we consider the consequences of why a funded plan is of value not only to those who may need care giving but on families who will be responsible with providing care giving to those they love.

Here is Harley Gordon’s idea of thinking about care giving: “This is not a discussion about the risk of you needing care, since you may never need it. It is essential to have a conversation about the consequences on those you love and promised to care care of, if you needed care.”

“Needing care giving is a life changing event that may have irreversible physical, emotional, and financial consequences to those you love. 

Taking Care Series on PBS News Hour: http://goo.gl/KHkBk1

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