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I've spent much of my time the last several months navigating financial options and explaining our value proposition to agents, agencies and carriers in the insurance community. Financial options that, up until just a few short years ago, weren’t available to insurance professionals. Agents invest in themselves by earning professional designations, taking continuing education courses, or by attending training seminars. That, however, is only one piece of the master puzzle. In order to continue thriving, agents and agencies must also continually invest in their business, growing strategically with the market. Those that don't are simply allowing others to choose their direction – something agents warn their clients about every day.

It never ceases to amaze me how many agents and agencies don’t take us up on our offer to evaluate the financial value of their books of business or the entire agency. Don’t get me wrong. There are many that do. But the prospect of a free valuation eludes numerous qualified candidates, a valuation that is virtually painless and gives you a complete picture of what financial opportunities are available to you now. With the credit markets tightening, wouldn’t it be a prudent decision to understand your alternatives sooner than later?

The life stage of your business will help define your options for accessing the capital available to you with your renewal commissions. What challenges will you face this year? Will additional leads provide you access to the front loaded commissions that will propel your business forward? Is a more robust technology solution the answer to gaining a competitive edge when it comes to lead tracking, relationship building and ultimately closing more sales? Or maybe hiring additional, qualified agents satisfies your servicing needs? On the other hand, maybe you are nearing the end of your current journey and are considering the option of retiring or leaving the business all together? TWG Capital has business solutions that are specific to your individual situation when it comes to exit strategies, many with tax advantaged options.

TWG Capital, the number one provider of financial services for insurance professionals, offers the means for qualified independent agents and agencies to obtain capital without sacrificing independence or going into debt. By converting future renewal commissions into immediate funding, you have the opportunity to attain exponential growth for your business without giving up the most important asset – the customer. Whether you’re starting out and need a partner to help establish your business growth goals or a seasoned veteran that values independence, or you simply want to exit the business with the advantage of a lower capital gains treatment, TWG Capital offers custom business solutions to suit your needs.

We partner with you to create unique business solutions that allow you opportunities that didn’t otherwise exist. Unique situations require sophisticated solutions. That’s why TWG Capital provides custom business solutions for agents and agencies that, while they may or may not have an immediate need for cash; recognize the value of acquiring lower cost capital. There’s no interest to pay, no added fees and we give you the freedom to make your plans a reality...today.

Knowing that you have access to funding, understanding the velocity of capital and the option of unlocking the true power of your renewal commission stream is when you begin to understand which business solutions are right for you.

Case in point are TWG Capital recurring client stories:

“I had a four-year-old block of Long-Term Care renewals that brought in about $5,000 per year. TWG Capital purchased the renewals so I could reinvest in leads.

So far, these leads now generate $55,000 in commission. Plus, since I have the capital to continue purchasing leads, I successfully expanded into financial and retirement planning. Over the past three years, I have sold four blocks of renewals to TWG Capital. I now have a thriving agency with more than 20 agents selling a variety of products. Plus, my sales figures have allowed me to get top contracts, paying higher commissions.” This is just one example of how the power of immediate capital can be utilized to move the marker forward.
Unlike most financial institutions, TWG Capital works exclusively with the insurance industry. We understand the complexities of insurance commissions and the challenges insurance professionals face every day. We use this invaluable knowledge to accurately calculate the value of your insurance book. By predicting your future commission stream, TWG Capital can give you top dollar now, accelerating the value of time. What’s more, TWG Capital simplifies the valuation process. So what is the real value of selling your future commissions to TWG Capital, rather than just applying for a loan from a bank or other lending institution? A traditional bank loan requires everything from a business profile and collateral to business financial statements and even personal financial statements and a guarantee. All carefully prepared and up to date. TWG Capital, on the other hand, simply requests some basic information and asks a few questions about the policies you sell, questions like which carriers you work with, the types of insurance you sell, dates of policies held, your current annual premiums and current annual commissions.

Best of all, TWG Capital provides you with a quote for immediate cash. By selling an asset (and renewal commissions are a valuable asset) to TWG Capital, you can grow your business in a debt-free way. And the best part is that you continue to manage your current relationships, selling additional products to them.

Accelerate Your Future by calling a TWG professional for your FREE valuation at 877.TWG.CPTL (877.894.2785) or fill out the form at http://www.twgcapital.com/eform_agents_valuation.aspx

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