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A long term care insurance specialist since 1997, I've heard this many times, and I recently wrote an article that describes my experience as a daughter caring for my mother, see: http://www.articlesbase.com/insurance-articles/when-you-promise-to-....

But I sometimes don't remember to mention one of the most important facts to remind the person who says this: "You're assuming your daughter will be well enough at the time you need care."

Making the promise to keep a parent out of a nursing home is truly what each son or daughter aspires to do, but with a little long term care planning Mom and Dad can stay at home.

Also go to YourCareSource.org and use one of their calculators. The calculator can tally the loss of income, loss of employer retirement contributions, medical expenses (because, YES, caregivers sacrifice their health too), etc. Here is a link to the calculator is used: http://www.ltcfpusa.com/yourcaresource/calc/LossOfWealthCalculator2...

I used the calculator and plugged in my own personal information based on my caring for my mother. As a daughter, the projected future market value of my loving sacrifice to care for my Mother totaled over $300,000.

Visit my websites: http://www.LTCInsuranceLady.com and also http://web.ltcfp.com/janetwashburn to learn about how to protected your loved ones and start on your own long term care planning.

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