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August 4, 2005

Dear Barbara,

I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for the truly outstanding service my wife Patricia and I received from your Long Term Care Insurance.

The background is this: Patricia and I had long term care insurance with another company, one recommended by the magazine Consumers Reports. When we saw that your program was recommended by MOAA (Military Officers of America Association) we decided to investigate your program because we had a lot of faith in MOAA. You came to our house and made a presentation which both impressed us and answered all our questions. Although your program was more expensive than the one we had we decided to switch.

We were glad that we did.

When my wife became very ill with pulmonary fibrosis she needed home care. Enter our insurer. We had a wonderful caring and professional nursing aide attend her four hours a day. Your LTC insurance paid for her. She needed a wide variety of supplies. Your LTC insurance paid for them. Your LTC insurance covered everything. But it was not that they simply covered Patricia’s needs, it was the concerned, helpful, and prompt way they did it that impressed us so much. From Patricia’s initial evaluation from a nurse you sent to our house to evaluate her to the wonderful case worker who stayed in touch with us consistently, our LTC insurance company, including you, could not have been nicer or more efficient. Your program made my wife’s last days infinitely more comfortable, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much.



This letter reprinted with permission of client 8/2006. Original on file with:

Barbara E. Hanson, CSA
Specializing in Long Term Care Insurance
CA Lic. #0715625

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for the info. Feel free to give people my full name. I don't mind verifying your outstanding program. I'd just want to be sure they know I didn't have details about your outfit. But I sure know about your benefits!



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