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Financial Planners and Long Term Care Insurance Specialists Forming Strategic Alliances

The statement Time Is Money is axiomatic to most Financial Professionals. Actually there is a formal calculation used by Accountants and Certified Financial Planners to help understand what our money will be worth at a future date, based on certain forces, called the time value of money or TVM. Not to mention the other time related values that must be understood for proper structuring and protection of our clients’ portfolios.

School is never out for Financial Professionals; it’s a full time job just keeping up on tax law changes not to mention trying to understand and implement Long Term Care Planning. Because of this many Planners are sitting on the sidelines in neutral while a tsunami is forming in the long term care insurance planning arena.

We are seeing many savvy Financial Planners and Advisor's refer clients to knowledgeable Insurance Specialists with expertise in long-term care insurance to bridge this gap. They understand the time value of a long-term care insurance specialist speaking to their clients on a subject they are passionate about. The long term care insurance professional has an advantage; they know the product better than a financial planner ever will. Planners utilizing this strategic business alliance are now able to instantly enter the LTCI marketplace with a level of expertise, professionalism and profitability usually reserved to seasoned veteran producers.

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