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As requested and suggested, I am writing to inform you on how our company can benefit your marketing needs by producing clients that are seeking guidance and insight on obtaining the proper coverage …

As requested and suggested, I am writing to inform you on how our company can benefit your marketing needs by producing clients that are seeking guidance and insight on obtaining the proper coverage for LTC products. These days represent an opportune chance to acquire new business. If you are open in trying our services and have the time to incorporate and benefit from our approach, we might be able to conduct some business that will enhance your position in obtaining new clientele before the ending of 2009. This is time-sensitive information we have gathered with our unique structure and approach in identifying and contacting qualified prospects in regards to products you specialize in that are stating signs of sincere interest for your services. I have provided the details on our LTC – If your producers are looking for a viable source for the right information? If they’re willing to roll-up their sleeves and work our data? Forward them my e-mail. We may be able to talk business.

Our company conducted this survey two weeks ago throughout the Central region of the United States this quarter (every quarter we do different regions of the United States – we only do it twice a year throughout this region). We’ve been receiving responses back from individuals who have been stating they would like to be contacted by a local specialist with more information on how they can obtain the proper LTC coverage for an affordable price. For Life, these respondents are looking to speak to an agent for more information as to how they can increase or obtain a proper life coverage policy. We specialize in direct mail surveys for the insurance and financial needs of the community. We work in cooperation with Visa, MC, and Discover (three of the four major credit card companies), to send product specific information in reference to LTC and Medicare Supplements ( our informative survey questionnaire ) through the credit card statements of a select group of prequalified individuals.

Those that we targeted had to meet a certain criteria and both surveys are independent of each other as they are sent to different groups of individuals pertaining to the prequalification criteria below:

For the “LTC file,” these seniors are 50+ with a net worth of $500,000+ (excluding their primary home value).

Two qualifying (and important) questions asked on the survey:

1.Do you currently have LTC insurance? (They replied “No.”)
2. Would you like to be contacted by a local LTC specialist with more information on LTC offerings to obtain the proper coverage at the most affordable price? (They stated “Yes”).

*We educated these seniors on the importance of obtaining and securing an affordable LTC policy while they’re healthy and preferably in their 50’s rather than 60’s.

Our company specializes in qualifying, contacting, and gathering this information to provide as a service to our agents. We provide you with the seniors’ full names, addresses, home and best telephone contact numbers, best time to call, Authentication, verified ages, incomes, value of their home, type of dwelling, and length of residency.

 Each file has its special criteria i.e. LTC – no medical conditions. We guarantee that all the information we prequalify is accurate and the prospects verify our information is correct. The information is sent to you via e-mail; it comes in both an excel and pdf file along with a pre-approach letter and an introductory-engagement phone script

A key factor as to why our leads are so successful is that the prospects are paying for the return postage fee back. We get them involved as they fill out the survey by hand. Coupled by having them pay for the return postage, we are creating action steps that create memory of conducting the survey; furthermore, those that reply are only the one’s showing signs of sincere interest. There is no coupon or gifts involved, the incentive is the guarantee (For LTC): “Within a 90 day time period, you will be contacted by a local agent with more information on how you can benefit and obtain the right type of LTC coverage at the most affordable prices around.”

The reason why I’m calling you: In the instance of market conditions that dictate a high response (An inflow of interested senior respondents is exceeding our current agents’ demands for our information), we do not waste time and quickly begin marketing out for new business (Hence, my call and e-mail to inform you of this unique opportunity to attain the proper Intel at an amazing introductory price).

Our company is located in Miami, FL and we’ve been actively conducting our survey business for 11 years. We have a client base of various agents we regularly conduct business with; however, this quarter, we’ve been receiving a high response rate in Texas early on and our company is trying to expand and establish a relationship with new companies and agents by introducing our leads at a low cost; this is due to the fact that our network of agents (regular customers) only service and acquire what they know they can comfortably handle within a 90-day time period (This information is time-sensitive and they are coming in at $10.00 to $15.00 p/lead). Our clients will not service more than they can accommodate – it’s like throwing money out of a window. In these cases, we would like to take the opportunity to gain new business; because ultimately, it hurts us to sit on this valuable and time-sensitive information.

Pricing is done on a per lead basis. Our leads regularly go for $10.00 per lead for LTC. To try us out, the price is only $4.00 per lead on your first order. We want to get you on-board with our company to show you that our leads are successful at a low initial cost so that we may obtain you as a client for future business.

Current Availability –

Pricing Structures

Regular pricing (and subsequent reorders) – $20.00 per contact
Introductory price (only during a high-response) – $4.00 per contact

**Orders over 250 may be priced at a discount for IMO’s.**

Minimum order (100-block) – 100 x $4.00 = $400.00

 Standard pricing – 91 x $20.00 = $1,820.00  This is a great price when compared to your ROI.

 Introductory pricing – 91 x $4.00 = $364.00  Due to the high-response, we’re clearing out states at this introductory pricing.

 Commissions guarantee: We will back you up with a $3,000.00 minimum commissions or your money back – truthfully, you should do well over this!
 Guarantee timeframe: 140-days. After the first week you should already have realized the potential of what we have provided you with. Qualified, fresh, and interested prospects.

Commission Guarantee

If you do not generate $3,000.00 per 100-name prospect file, we will refund your initial investment (typically, if you do not contact them or procrastinate this will occur). If we have to honor a refund, which is based on good-faith, we shake hands and do not accept a reorder request. We believe that if you have found something good you would stick with it – especially at the price you are paying for this costly information. We value repeat business – I search for agents who are upwardly mobile, hungry, and willing to do some work to achieve great results.

Appointment Ratio

For every 100, our agents average anywhere between a 25 to 35% appointment ratio for within 90-days for both the LTC prospects.

Closing Ratio

Although the ratio is dependent on four variables we’ve identified (experience, dedication, willingness, and timeliness), the average closing ratio is 80% for our agents that put the work necessary to see results. You should have no problem writing a solid 15 to 20 new policies, per 100 contacts.

*** Counts are subject to and based on availability – prospects are assigned to one agent; hence, information is never resold. This is to avoid problems and is a key contributor to your success. ***

First time buyers are going to be backed up 100% as a trial. We will hedge you into a risk-free environment so that you may engage business to try out our services to see the valuable information we can provide. We will offer you a written 3-way guarantee:

i. 100% accuracy on the prequalified information (If you happen to come across anything inaccurate; because some information filled out is subject to human error, we will replace the lead or refund the difference if there are none left available. Ages, Incomes, Net Worth, Names & Addresses will be correct).
ii. Exclusivity (Exclusive rights to these names – When you purchase a file from us, any county, city, or zip codes you pick up to service is yours and yours only; the information you acquire will never be resold to another agent – This is the only way to be successful with leads; we do not resell leads. This is a key element in why we are celebrating 11 years of business and is the only way to be successful as a lead-generating company).
iii. A 90-Day money back guarantee (A commissions guarantee. If you do not earn at least $3,000.00 in fees or commissions for every 100 names that you invest with our company, we will refund you 100% of your initial investment, your purchase price. )

Off a 100 name file, our agents have been seeing a 25 to 35% for LTC. We follow up with our agents to find out how many appointments they’ve been setting every month and statistically evaluate the appointment ratio you might expect out of every 100 names you invest with us. We implemented this statistical ratio five years ago. So this is not a winning lottery ticket; on average, these are the number of individuals that will be willing to meet with you to see how you can match them to a product that you specialize in, whom are showing signs of sincere interest for, and have been prequalified to the fact that they can benefit and afford to obtain and invest in this product.. We include an introductory engagement phone script, a unique approach agents have been taking to contact these individuals that has proven to be successful with our leads. It ties the survey as to why you are the agent within their immediate area willing to setup an initial conference to discuss the product. Tweak it to your own style, it will increase your appointment ratio.

I hope this information provides a good detailed basis for you to visually see what we have to offer. This information is anywhere between 2 to 3 days fresh, basically awaiting contact from an agent. Keep in mind we do this survey once every 6 months – the information that I have is time sensitive and exclusive, we do not like to hold on to it long and we market counties quickly. My goal is to gain you as a client early in this process and make sure your agents succeed with our leads in hopes of establishing a long-term business relationship. Considering we have individuals within your immediate areas, I believe setting up appointments will be both convenient and effective to match your product accordingly.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present our unique approach to marketing. It is the right intelligence that assists great leaders (decision-makers) to accomplish visions, goals, and success. The process of gathering the proper “Intel” is what we yield to provide. We do this twice a year throughout Texas and not always do we receive high responses or market for new business – if you believe you have the time to contact, set up appointments, and meet with these potential clients – this is all that is needed for you to succeed (willingness, experience, and dedication).

I look forward in speaking with you soon should you be prospecting – If you focus on LTC, we can facilitate the process of growing your company to position generate great referrals for 2010.

You can reach me directly on my cell if you would like to contact me this weekend.

Sincerest Regards,

Abel Bronsen
Demographics Manager / BDM
SRC List
786-232-0871 Direct line

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