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Financial Planners and Long Term Care Insurance Specialists Forming Strategic Alliances

The statement Time Is Money is axiomatic to most Financial Professionals. Actually there is a formal calculation used by Accountants and Certified Financial Planners to help understand what our money will be worth at a future date, based on certain forces, called the time value of money or TVM. Not to mention the other time related values that must be understood for proper structuring and protection of our clients’ portfolios.

School is never out for Financial Professionals; it’s a… Continue

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CLASS Act may create a false assurance our seniors are safely protected for Long Term Care events

Long-term care policies will help Americans remain in their homes into old age, and they won't have to exhaust their assets to receive help under Medicaid. The worry is that too many younger people will opt out of coverage, which could send the program into an "insurance death spiral" where premiums become so expensive that the only people who pay for coverage are those who need it.

A more immediate concern is… Continue

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44% of Americans won't maintain level of living in retirement it's 61% when long term care is included

the National Retirement Risk Index (NRRI) has shown that 44 percent will be ‘at risk.’ ‘At risk’ means they will be unable to maintain their standard of living in retirement. When health care costs were included explicitly, the percentage of households ‘at risk’ increased to 61 percent. Our previous analysis of health care costs, however, did not consider possible expenses for long-term care towards the end of life.

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Midicaid long term care bad idea from the start.

Here is a snipit from a great article written 10 years ago.

When it was created in 1965, the Medicaid program was supposed to be a welfare program for the poor. The Medicaid long-term care benefit was included in the program almost as an afterthought. The inclusion of this benefit literally created the long-term care industry.

The reason for the explosive growth in what was thought to be an otherwise small benefit can be attributed to how the benefit has been abused.… Continue

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