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How Do You Avoid Social Isolation in Seniors?

Senior social isolation is detrimental to overall mental health, physical health, and personal finances.

In a national study shown by Futurity with a sample of 1,300 older African Americans, Black Caribbean’s, and white individuals. A result of 77 percent of elders always connected to both family and friends, 11 percent were…


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How to Get the Best Deals for Long Term Care Coverage

How to Get the Best Deals for Long Term Care Insurance

People have a tendency to obtain Long Term Care Insurance, or LTCI, through an insurance company or a broker – with few professional groups and companies offering it as a benefit. The costs of your policy ultimately depends on your health, the age at when you apply, and the benefits that you want. Back in a 2009 study, the average annual premiums for a standard policy was $2,800 for an individual aged 55 years and…


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Is Long Term Care Insurance Valuable?

What is Long Term Care Insurance and Why Is It Valuable?

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) reimburses policyholders a daily amount (up to a specified limit) for a variety of services to assist them with their daily living such as bathing, eating, medication reminds, dressing, and more. You can select a variety of care option and benefits to allow you to receive the services that you need.

What Are the Costs?

There are some important…


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A-1 Home Care Specializes in Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis is life changing, not only for the patient, but for their entire family and loved ones.  Cancer involves abnormal cellular growth that can manifest as a tumor which can spread throughout the body.  Cancer can affect many parts of the body and while genetics may play a role in those at risk, the disease is largely considered environmental.  There are two types of tumors-benign and malignant.  The former is not cancerous and not at risk of spreading.  These once removed…


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Tips for Safe and Happy Travels with Seniors

Making the time for trips with elderly family members can be a great and rewarding experience.  If you are visiting family out of town or a vacation destination, there are steps you can take to ensure the best experience for you and your loved ones. 

Jet lag, or time zone change syndrome, is the fatigue and irritability one may encounter as a result of traveling across time zones.  There is a disruption in the body’s circadian rhythm that can manifest into bothersome symptoms while we…


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Memorial Day with the VA

On Monday May 30, 2016, A-1 Home Care Agency had the pleasure of spending Memorial Day with the Veterans Association out in Long Beach. Case Manager Jackie Brown and Representative Estevan Romero were serving a variety of tasty desserts and handing out lunch cooler giveaways, courtesy of A-1 Home Care, at the BBQ celebration for the veterans and their families.…


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