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Andrew Mauritzen Joins Exactuals as CFO and Head of Insurance Industry

Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 2018 – Exactuals has hired Andrew Mauritzen as its new CFO and Head of Insurance Industry. The company is the leading provider of innovative solutions for complex payments and metadata issues in the entertainment industry,…


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We're living longer, so why not live longer BETTER? Four levels of action:

SMILE! Life can be BETTER LONGER (not worse longer) with good long-term care and longevity planning.…


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Shopping for Long-Term Care Insurance Can Be a Big Fat Pain!

A New Jersey friend of mine (I’ll call her Eileen), was in the market for long-term care insurance. I say “was” because the process of shopping for it turned her stone cold, and now she’s on hold.

After hours of research, “I couldn’t find anything to buy, no actual policies,” she complained, “nothing but general reviews and comparisons. No real details.”

“It was maddening!” she continued. “I buy lots of stuff and can always find…


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Agent Review closes seed funding round with Angel investors.

See announcement of interest to LTCi agents. 

Agent Review has more than 200,000 members to date, and plans to grow with the help of seed investment, now secured, from angels with LTC industry…


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2016 POLL: Who's for new long-term care incentives?

Take the 2016 Presidential election poll, then share to make the LTC crisis a serious…

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Agent Review Site Now Live

It's well worth checking out. 

Visit Agent Review at http://www.agentreview.net.  The service provides a forum for vetted agents in long-term care and other insurance specialties. It aims to become the YELP for insurance,…


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Insurance Leaders Create Consumer Education And Agent Credibility Platform

The online platform will connect consumers to independently verified agents.

Agent Review http://www.agentreview.net will provide non-biased guidance for consumers…


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3in4 Association Sponsors Star-Studded Motion Picture

The 3in4 Association (http://www.3in4needmore.com) has been announced as an official sponsor of the motion picture "It Snows All The Time"  (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2767880/combined).

The national non-profit 3in4 Association has announced that it is a sponsor of the major motion picture "It Snows All The Time," to raise awareness for Alzheimer's, Dementia, and similar diseases. The film tells the story of Ed Hover, a Nebraskan native diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia. Ed's son, actor Erich Hover, stars in the movie along with a star-studded cast that includes Oscar Nominated, Golden Globe Winning Actress Lesley Ann Warren and Actor Brett Cullen, pictured here.

The film could give a big boost to the need for long-term care planning.

It is…


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Stories of Celebrity Caregiving

If, sooner or later, you need to become a caregiver, you're not alone! Most of us face the same prospect -- including movie stars, political leaders, and other luminaries.

Many have shared their experiences publicly, wishing to help others.

Here are links to several sources and some videos. There's even a link to a movie in the making --…


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Back a movie for less than attending one?

This one will tell the Alzheimer's story from the caregivers' viewpoint.  

A first! ... And a great way to promote LTC awareness.

(Share the credit, and the story, once it's out!)

BTW, I became a (small but enthusiastic) backer yesterday.

Dick Samson, LTC Guild…


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3in4 and TargetLeads Team to Offer Personalized Marketing Materials and Leads

The 3in4 Association has licensed TargetLeads to be its marketing partner in Direct Mail Lead Generation and the development of personalizable marketing materials for Insurance producers catering to the senior…


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Virtual attendance offered by AALTCI at its annual Summit

For the first time, AALTCI will offer virtual as well as physical attendance at its industry-leading annual conference.

There's no charge for participating remotely from your own home or office. Valuable content, including live streaming of events, will be offered. Attendance could extend into the thousands.

To register and assure your attendance,…


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Smiling Improves Health; Can this Help Defer Premature Long-Term Care Claims?

Breakthrough medical and scientific research shows that smiling:

  • Boosts mood & eases pain, through bursts of dopamine & oxycontin.
  • Promotes relaxation & repair, by…

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How to Share a Published Article With Others

If you find an article on the Internet that you like, you can direct others to it, using your personal LTC Guild blog.

Simply create a new blog post, then link to the article in the body of your post. You might want to start with comments of your own. For example:

# # #

What can disability claimants expect from most insurance companies?… Continue

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