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Letter From a Client Re: LTC Claim

August 4, 2005

Dear Barbara,

I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for the truly outstanding service my wife Patricia and I received from your Long Term Care Insurance.

The background is this: Patricia and I had long term care insurance with another company, one recommended by the magazine Consumers Reports. When we saw that your program was recommended by MOAA (Military Officers of America Association) we decided to investigate your… Continue

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True Reason for LTC Insurance-Response to Article

As an LTC specialist over the last 14 years, I have had enough claims to know why people buy long term care insurance. They love their families and they love their independence and dignity. I am attaching letters from claimants. For these people, having this coverage helped them stay home while NOT seeing themselves as a burden to their family. People invest and save for a good retirement and to leave money to their heirs. What other than a health problem like LTC can take that away from them?… Continue

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77,000,000 Baby Boomers are Approaching 65

77,000,000 Baby Boomers are approaching 65, and the government is hoping that we are prepared to pay for our own care when we become disabled by illness and aging. In 1999, 43 per cent of those over 65 historically spent time in a nursing home before dying. About 95% of nursing home residents only require “custodial” care, not 24 hour “medically necessary” care which is a limited benefit payable by Medicare. Us Boomers typically have had fewer children than our parents, we live longer today,… Continue

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Reverse Mortgage Details

I will list a few important features to remember when thinking about a Reverse Mortgage:

1-it is for 62 and over

2-Borrower keeps ownership of house the whole time

3-Funds can be used in anyway they like

4-No prepayment penalty

5-No monthly payments required

6-Bennifits people who want to stay in thier house for as long as they can

7-Proceeds can help pay for Home Care-Life Insurance-Revolving credit-Gift to children

8- No income, employment or credit… Continue

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Understanding Hospice

A message from Kris Conway to all members of Seattle LTC Guild on Long Term Care Insurance Guild!

We had a great presentation on Hospice! Thank you Susan Reynolds from Seattle's Swedish home care.

General details:

Hospice services can be provided almost anywhere: You don't haveto be in a facility.


Hospice Care provides services, from physician and nursing to Grief Counseling and Short term inpatient pain… Continue

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Long term care insurance solution

Preservation Advantage is a web based solution that helps agents search a database of insurance policies and provides a specific policy based on the inputs to a series of questions. In addition it then does the calculations to provides a company specific universal life policy whose death benefit is equal the value of the cost of the total premiums for both policies. The software will also calculated the amount of lump sum required to fund both policies, using either a deferred annuity or a… Continue

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