Long Term Care Guild

Find an Agent or Other Knowledgeable Member

To find a long-term care insurance agent or other member, you have several options:
  • Browse the Member Directory.
    To do this, simply click on the Members tab, then view members and click to read about those of interest.
  • Search for an agent or other member in your state (or certified by your state).
    To do this, click on the Members tab, then enter your state's abbreviation in the Search field (for example, CA for California), and click the magnifying glass icon to search. This will yield members who reside in or are licensed in your state.
  • Find an agent or other knowledgeable person by reading content on this site.
    As you browse the various areas of the site (Chapters, Forum, Events, Blogs ...), you'll see many member postings. When you come upon a person you like, communicate with them (by email, by posting a comment in their member area, or by dialing the phone number listed in their member area).

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