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What steps do we take when long term care is running out?

Imagine that your parent is living in a facility to help with the beginning stages of Dementia.  Things are going smooth-they are really getting the attention they need during this time and LTC is making sure all needs are being met.  But what happens in a year or 2 years when the long term care runs out?  How do we prepare?  What options are available?  This can be a difficult thing to come to terms with, but it is no time to wallow in sorrows.  With proper preparation, the transition need not be overly bumpy.

Where do we start?

Even if you are not at the point where you are ready to use it, it is wise to begin looking into Medicaid.

What will we need?

You will need to prepare financial documents from the past 5 years

-bank accounts

-retirement plans

-life insurance policies(term AND whole life)

-deeds to properties

-car titles

-bank statements(last 2 years)

-taxes(last 5 years)

**consulting with an elder attorney can go a long way to understanding the process and all available avenues-becoming Medicaid Ready can be well worth the time and money**

Military families may also be eligible for Aid and Attendance via Veterans Administration.  Beginning the process a little before needed may also be a smart choice for your situation-re-applying can sometimes be an easier option than beginning the process when assistance is actually needed.


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