Long Term Care Guild

What is involved in creating a group?
Learn the details upfront. Create a network of professionals who will make you the "go to" person when it comes to LTC. Increase your awareness and educate others at the same time.

What is involved in starting my own LTC Guild?
The way I see it you are hand picking business partners to build both you business and expand your awareness at the same time. You learn from them and they learn from you.

Ideally I would like partners who benefit from working with me as me working with them.
These partners become my network of experts and make me an invaluable resources to my clients .

Potential Partners:
• Estate Attorney,
• Daily money manager,
• Financial Planner,
• Placement professionals,
• Caregiver managers,
• Estate Sales/downsizing experts
• Move Managers,
• Realtors
• Contractors who specialize in remodeling for seniors
• Reverse Mortgage Professionals.

How to create a relationship with a potential partner?
• Create a relationship that benefits both/all parties
o What’s in it for them?

• Determine what kind of group you want to be:
o Networking, Educational, Social or Cyberspace
o Don’t worry about how big the group is just be consistent.
o Once you determine the type of group it will be easier to find folks to participate.

Spend some time understanding each profession and eventually figure out how to best work together.

• Where do I find these professional partners?
o Networking groups, such as BNI, Letip , Biznik and, Linked in .
Be clear what your group does and what a membership means.

Good Luck. If I can help let me know.

Kris Conway
Seattel LTC Chapter

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This will be invaluable, Chris!!

I see a lot of great stuff at the Seattle LTC Guild: http://ltcguild.ning.com/group/s
Excellent model for new local Guilds.

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