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Last week our speaker was a Wells Fargo Reverse Mortgage specialist.
I was impressed on several fronts. Please share your experience.

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Reverse mortgages offer an option for those who aren't candidates for long term care insurance. What kind of intelligence can we offer on SOUND options and sources for reverse mortgages?
I think it would be smart if we had a list the most important features, so we can compare services.

Kris Conway
Wouldn't a RM also offer one of your clients the means to continue paying their annual premiums for a policy already initiated, or to initiate one, depending on their health?
I thought Julie made an excellent presentation. She was informative and concise in disseminating the information, leaving me with a better level of understanding for the product and the process.

Without identifying anyspecific bank, If I am comparing reverse mortgages what would be the key elements to look for?
Not only can it help pay for LTCi, but the funds from the rev mtg can also be used for a medically underwritten SPIA that can pay for care and keep someone at home versus a facility and Medicaid, I've done that already.
I have a MetLife Reverse Mortgage Consultant that I work with in Northern California that is GREAT! She understands that thru the mortgage clients can fund LTC insurance.
Is there a specific reason for using Metlife?

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