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I just finished reading an article (USA TODAY 5/26/09) "What About Long-Term Care" by Howard Gleckman. Concluding, "solution" the Article proposed to let the Gov. provide for LTCi... like Germany has for years. As I understand "Germany's solution" (an addition payroll tax and laws requiring children to be financially liable for the elder parents.) has been another financial boondoggle. A road the USA can ill afford, no matter how much money the Gov. prints.

Your "1 in 4 Needs More" will lead to.. "I'll be one of the three who won't need LTC". Maybe a better slogan "Denial is not a river in Egypt." Or I have always liked "Be Nice to your children they will Chose your Nursing Home". Unfortunate as it is, the public and our leaders are "Stuck on Stupid" sticking their "heads in the sand" and "kicking the can" down the road like they have our public employees legacy costs.

There are great ideas to make LTCi more affordable to people of modest means. Tax Credits, the purchase of LTCi with pre-tax dollars through a cafeteria plan or Health Saving Account. Slogans will mean little until families are aware of the reality that, “their mother/mother in law is moving in with us".

What possibly, I suggest, that every 3 years citizens over 40 sign off on the need and cost of LTC and are aware that:
1. “Money Just Pays for LTCi-Health Buys IT!”
2. That without LTCi you are exposed to ending the FINAL Days A dependent on the STATE. Leaving Nothing to your Grand Children to remember you.
3. Without an End Game Plan you have No Financial Plan.

One in Four Needs More...Is not the point. Perhaps, to cover ALL ages I might suggest "Like Sex-We All NEED Some. Some More Than Others." It may bring a little SIZZLE to a otherwise disturbing topic.


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the real problem is that very few agents who sell long term care insurance can articulate, in objective terms, who should and should not own LTCi.

if we don't even know who should and should not own it, how can we do a good job of marketing it?

i cannot read the article from the link.

Anyway, I agree with Scott Olson, very few insurance sellers can explain in details about the product they are offering. http://www.completelongtermcare.com/resources

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