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Partnership LTCi is a wonderful thing, it can save the government billions of dollars, and it can allow people to access Medicaid without haveing to go broke (or hire an attorney to "hide" their assets). Indiana piloted it along with 3 other states 15 years ago, and for the first 6 years nothing happened. Nobody bought any. NADA, zip, nothing. It was a well kept secret. Wisconsin just came online with their program January 1, 2009 and it appears to be suffering the same fate so far. That's because there is no publicity about the program in Wisconsin either.

Indiana learned (after 6 years) that until they publicized the program to consumers, nobody would know it existed. once they did that sales started, and the state can see huge savings - down the road.

If your state is starting Partnership LTCi, don't keep it a secret. We need to get the word out or it won't do any good in helping the state budget concerns most states are experiencing. Sure, its going to take a few years to start seeing the savings as people pay for their own care, at least some of it. But, if we don't start, we'll never see those savings.

I am contacting legislators in Wisconsin and urgin them to promote the concept. News conferences don't cost a lot. Letters to newspapers about how a legislator has helped the state to save money, and helped people get onto Medicaid without going broke first should make the legislator look good. Am I having any success? One state legislator told me people can go surf the insurance commissioner's website for this info. How lonely does your life have to be to find yourself surfing the insurance commissioner's website!

How do we get the word out??? I'm trying to get legislators to promote info about it and not geting anywhere. I'm baffled!

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I'm going to be in Washington DC April 27, 28, and 29, planning to visit with some of Wisconsin's legislators there. I read recently in the WSJ that the federal government's "half" of medicaid for 2009 is projected to be $367 billion (with the states making up the other "half"). If that is so, then why would the federal legislators not publicize the fact that partnership can save real dollars, and publicity not only does not cost much, if anything, but can make the legislator look like a hero for putting this in place? Well, I'm taking that message to them and we will see what comes of it.

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