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Long Term Care Insurance Survey Price $3.50 per lead

Long Term Care Prospect File

There are six things that make this survey highly effective to you for the sale of Long Term Care Insurance.
01.These survey responders are age 55+ and their net worth is $500,000 plus.

02.These prospects were asked two specific questions on the survey:

Do you currently have LTC insurance?
Would you like information on LTC offerings?
03.The survey responders you receive have all requested general information on long term care insurance offerings, and they are the proper ages with significant assets to protect.

04. We are finding that our agents are generating an 8 to 10% appointment rate. A standard 500 name file will have enough prospects to generate about 40 TO 50 appointments.

05.These prospects will be located in the target marketing areas you request and you will receive the name, home address, age range, income range, type of dwelling, home value, length of residence, and home telephone numbers of these responders via email.

06.You will be provided with authentication that your list has been scrubbed against the national do not call registry.

Our Exclusive 3-way Guarantee.

A 100% connect rate guarantee on the prospects names, phone numbers and addresses.
A six month exclusive on names.
All of our lists come with a 90 day moneyback guarantee. If you do not earn $5,000 in commissions for every 100 names purchased we will refund your purchase price.
For counts in your area call:
Abel Bronsen 1-877-874-9305ext8526

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Thanks for sharing that very informative cost. That would help insurance agents in their leads


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