Long Term Care Guild

Is this a impartial guild or is there a company (LTCFP) promoting?

I would like to know if this is a guild that is promoting a certain company or is it impartial to what company I work for.
Where is the direction?
Where does the info go to?
Why is a quote and agent finder on the page? (Do you send the quotes to certain individuals or to a company?)

Overall I would like to know why this was started. Thanks

I have enjoyed the discussions but am becoming wary of where this is going.

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Is that anywhere on the site? The site is being indexed by google and other search engines that will push up the ranking of the sites authority. When people look they will be able to see the public tab even when not registered to ask for a quote. I hope that the terms and overall aim of the site is fully disclosed. In hopes that it is not just a promotional arm of one company but trying to lift the discussion without any type of bias.

Carol J. Guilbault said:
LTC Financial partners will try to recruit you. Any quote filled out goes to LTCFP...but not sure why one would fill out a quote on this site?
YOU are free to work with anyone you wish.
Jonathan, thanks for your excellent questions. They have prompted us to accelerate an "About LTC Guild" page that we've been planning: Link to the About LTC Guild page.

With members like you, we'll improve the site faster and make it better than otherwise!
I hope you continue your active, constructive participation for years to come.

Dick Samson, Director of the Guild site
Dear Jonathan,

The Philadelphia Chapter has people from various agencies plus other professionals from home care agencies, care managers and reverse mortgage brokers. For example, my firm places our business through other organizations than the one you mentioned.

Ross Schriftman, RHU, LUTCF, ACBC, MSAA
Director, Senior Advisory Team
Kistler Tiffany Benefits

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