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How's this prospecting letter text? Comments appreciated.

June 2014


Dear Friends,


As we age, having a funded plan in place prior to any disabling impairment allows loving family members to monitor the care delivered to you by licensed professionals and not become care-givers themselves.


Pardon my bluntness but did you have your kids so one day they could cut short their careers and come home to change your diapers? Of course not. But . . . absent a funded plan, what have you done to prevent this exact scenario from playing out in your family?


OK, a post-retirement disablement won’t happen to you but if  something did happen, what are the consequences for the rest of your family? Years ago didn’t you take responsibility for the well-being of your entire family?


An ancient Chinese proverb wisely states:  “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the next best time is today.”  Get this important family planning settled now while your health is still solid.


There are several ways to fund a workable plan for your care should a disabling event come crashing into your life. There are also several conservative options that provide a substantial cash benefit to your heirs should you pass away without needing any extended care.


Call me today to schedule a time when we can talk. Working together, we can create a doable plan that protects your family from the chaos that always rides along with an extended care event.     

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